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When you approach our writing services to find some competent and timely help with a research paper or two, there’s a portion of information that we require every customer to provide before taking on the new order. Before working on a research paper for you, our writing experts collect personal information such as your name, email, contact telephone number or any other details that help us do our job.

When we help with writing a research paper for you, the info we require may be used for the purposes described below:

  • To provide every customer with a chance to track every research paper writing order status and help him with the requirements list preparation.
  • To change the company website by the customer’s needs and preferences. We review all the comments and feedbacks our clients provide us with to improve the efficiency of our work.
  • To track online transactions. When we help writing a research paper for you, we ensure the payment process is 100% secure with our system.
  • To get in touch with the custom writing service representatives. It’s highly important for our customer care team to have our customers’ contact details since this kind of info will enable us to get in touch with the customer in case of an emergency.


Help with Research Paper Writing: 100% Information Security

All information we receive from our clients online is stored privately on our server. When we provide help with research paper writing, we’re concerned with the personal info confidentiality issue. For that reason, we did our best to invest into getting the most reliable and professional protection system. Both private and general data received from the customers of our academic writing company will be 100% protected at every stage of writing. In order to process the payment, the sale managers of our company make use of the verified and reliable payment processors only. No customer’s information will be kept with the company payment processors server.

Sharing Information with the Third Parties

When you decide to buy a college coursework, a term or a research paper, an essay or two from our writers, we guarantee 100% protections of customer’s personal info. What is more, we do not share your personal details with any third parties unlike the other websites, where they offer cheap quality, and unreliable writing services. Besides, even your personal writer won’t be able to get an access to the information you’ve provided together with your “I need some help with my college assignment. Can you write one for me?” request. Direct access to the database that contains your personal details will be provided to the employees that are authorized for a single purpose – to process every papers writing order. At the same time, it is important to mention that in some rare cases we may have to reveal your personal information, for example: protecting the rights of the company, correspondence to the existing law, etc. While the other sites don’t give a damn about the customer’s’ confidentiality, we pay attention to 100% privacy of both personal and non-personal information.

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We value your opinion on our writing services above all! We will appreciate if you provide us with some comments or suggestions on the work of our experts. Besides, you have the right to approach us for a paper revision that is completely free of charge! If the assignment does not meet your initial requirements, we’ll be happy to review it and modify according to your specifications. Mind that these options are available only in your order instructions haven’t changed.